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by Pamela Hamilton on 04/12/2012, 03:55 PM

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 "Real Housewives of New Jersey" airs 2 episodes from Pillar Point RV Park!


"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast visited Pillar Point RV Park in three Class A motorhomes as part of their RV road trip they were filming for season 4 of the show.  Producers picked the park because it's right on the Pacific Ocean and close to a lot of activities.


Here they are leaving Pillar Point RV Park to take a walk on the bike path that runs right in front of the RVs.



Besides enjoying campfires and the incredible and ever changing ocean views at Pillar Point RV Park, cast members were filmed  walking along the beautiful Beach, eating dinner at Sam’s Chowder House and learning to surf from pro Jeff Clark, owner of the Maverick's surf shop.  (All within walking distance of Pillar Point RV Park)   One housewife in particular hates "camping" and doesn't appreciate the beauty that surrounds her.   To each their own, I guess.  There are shots of Kenny, Teri and Lorraine in episode 14, enjoying the company of RVer's in the park and believe me, having been part of those sunset watching circles and campfires, there's nothing finer in life.   But then again, we don't "camp" in stilletos and never do the men here whip out their manhood to compare with others in the park.   Yeah, the men of RHONJ just can't seem to keep their pants on...

In episode 15, most everyone decides to try learning to surf.  There's also a trip to nearby San Francisco. The men are all disappointed that the Golden Gate Bridge isn't actually gold and really don't see what all the fuss about the bridge is.   Panic breaks out when they go through the redwoods and suddenly lose cell service for a few miles.   I beg to differ...the redwoods do NOT look like where "Deliverance" was filmed.

The purpose of bringing these two episodes to your attention is for you to see how magnificent it is here at Pillar Point RV Park.   AND, if nothing else, I must remind you that this summer while less than an hour away temperatures regularly ran over the 100 degree mark, Pillar Point's days were sunny and in the mid 70's, with a cooling blanket of fog at night providing the perfect sleeping weather.

Here is a link to the full episodes in case you missed them when they were first broadcast:
(Warning: This program always has some questionable language)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_Uju6uA_0k     Season 4 Episode 14
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sKUa4qZRDQ   Season 4 Episode 15

Photos from the park and RHONJ learning to surf

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