Half Moon Bay, CA - Pillar Point RV Park - The Week in Review - horses, sea shells and hummingbirds

by Pamela Hamilton on 09/24/2013, 08:01 PM

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Recap of the week at Pillar Point RV Park...

While we love to see our parks and recreation officers visiting the area on horseback, for a place so conscious about picking up after our dogs, it was almost shocking to see what the horses left behind!  And nobody following behind to clean up their droppings!   Where are the horsie bags?  lol...  So for those of you who didn't see the horses, those piles near the jetty are not just from really big dogs!

No, this is not a mysterious new planet joining our solar system!   This is the Air Force radar (the golf ball) partially hidden as the morning fog burns away.   The imagination ran away with all of us viewing this sight that morning.

Look what Yvonne found on the beach!  Can you believe the size of that shell?  I don't think I've ever seen one like that except in a store....  That's Jan holding Olive sitting beside her...

Netta, in the "garden space", has set up a hummingbird feeder while she's here.   Sometimes as many as five hummingbirds are there at a time!  One even flew in her rig, checked it out and flew out again!  Now all the hummingbirds know what it looks like inside her new rig.  Lol...  

The weather is perfect and the waves are splashing up on the jetty and making their thunderous roar at night.  All is well with the world.   Come see for yourself any day of the week...there's always something to see at Pillar Point RV Park.