Half Moon Bay, CA - Pillar Point RV Park - Nest Gallery - Half To Have It

by Pamela Hamilton on 04/05/2012, 04:12 AM

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If you like treasure hunting,
these two stores are exactly what you're looking for!

"Half to Have It" is located downtown Half Moon Bay and is a vintage/gift store.   You name it, they have it somewhere in their two story facility.   Furniture, stained glass, vintage jewelry, glass ware, flatware, art and much more.

The outdoor/garden section of the store is called NEST Gallery and is located in the Pillar Point Harbor area.   There you will find not only unique items for your garden, but piles of glass rocks, shells, beautiful broken plate pieces, agates...all for creating a masterpiece for your own artwork.  An astounding and exciting discovery.  For me, it was like walking into another world and my imagination started to fly.    Taking photographs there was so much fun and it made me appreciate how something that at one glance was so scattered about, was really artfully arranged.    I loved everything about it, including the five foot chicken that greets you at the entrance.

Half To Have It

corner of Main and Miramontes
Half Moon Bay, CA.


Friday Through Tuesday

Noon to 5:00 PM



NEST Gallery
131 California Avenue
Half Moon Bay, CA


Thursday through Monday

Noon to 5:00 PM