Half Moon Bay, CA - Pillar Point RV Park - San Francisco Zoo

by Pamela Hamilton on 07/22/2013, 05:58 PM

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The San Francisco Zoo stands out from the rest in that it is more intimate being smaller than the Bronx & San Diego Zoos but the animals are much more up close and "accessible" so to speak.

Check the weather before you go - zip code 94132. We were well-prepared for windy weather in the 50s, so walking around for a couple of hours was comfortable. I heard many visitors remark, "Wow, it's colder than I expected." Don't let it happen to you.
-Bring snacks. Would have had to shell out quite a chunk of change to feed my 22 month old on the snack offerings here. There is no bag inspection, so bring along plenty of finger foods.
-Visit the family farm/children's zoo first. If you bee-line it for the family farm/children's zoo at the start, you'll avoid the large children's groups that come during weekdays. Goats meander free within the children's zoo (and poop and pee everywhere too); kids are allowed to pet many animals, and there are sinks right outside for clean-up afterwards

1 Zoo Rd  San Francisco, California 94132
(415) 753-7080

Wagons, Jeep strollers and wheelchairs are available for daily rental at the Entry Village on a first come, first served basis.

Wagon/Jeep Stroller  $10
Wheelchair $11

10am - 5pm
365 days a year!


Adult (15-64) $15
Seniors (65+) $12
Children (ages 4-14) $9
Children under 3 Free
Parking Mon-Fri
Parking Sat-Sun / Holidays