Ocean View Sites
$75.00 per night + tax

Partial View Sites
$60.00 per night + tax

RV Parking in Overflow Area
$40.00 per night with no hookups

Maximum Stay is 28 Nights.
You may return after 24 hours or one night,
whichever is greater.
  1. Alexandre Pagliuso Dear Bob and Terri, would you please confirm availability for the 13th of july? I'll be in a 25'RV with wife and two kids (7 and 4 years old). Thank you
    on 05/30/2015
  2. George C Hello Folks,
    Do you offer any Senior, Veteran, AAA, or other, discounts?
    I need to find a place to run to and escape the Central Valley heat, but $60-$75 per night is a bit steep for me.....

    on 05/30/2016
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