You know those great glass mugs you love to drink your root beer floats from at home?  Well, we have found they aren't such a good idea on the road.  When deciding what is going into your travel trailer or other RV out on the road, we have discovered "think light and think plastic." Not only will they break when flying out of the cabinet, but, even worse than that, they'll break other stuff.  We are in the process of repairing the chips in the kitchen sink that have been caused by stuff flying out when we open the cabinet doors.  Something strange happens when you're driving down the road...those heavy items you had put in the back of the cabinet always seem to find their way forward, so they're ready for the big surprise when you plug in at a site.  And, there is "netting" you can install to go across the cabinets when you are ready to move...only problem with that is, along with not forgetting to unplug the electricity and a dozen other important things you have to remember, don't forget to put the netting up.  This goes for the bathroom cabinet as well....every item in that cabinet is ready to spring on you when you open it after coming to a halt.

And, it seems that RVs have plenty of cabinet space on top with fewer below...(and, who wants to bend over everytime they need a glass.) So, best answer is to remember that when it comes to dishes, and other items, what works at home doesn't necessarily work on the road....think light, think plastic...they don't hurt as much.
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