The weather is absolutely perfect here in Pismo Coast Village and the kids are on spring break, so the resort is all abuzz with laughter and activity! 

I just love this place when it's full of families!  The swimming pool is hopping, ice cream is walking out the general store and kids are full of sand coming back from the beach.   At night, you can smell the bonfires and hear the laughter of friends.  Folks are strolling to town for a little clam chowder and maybe a game of pool.   We have met so many wonderful people.

Yesterday, we met Paul Cooper, who is here with all his 8 kids, 15 grand kids and 4 great grand kids all gathered to celebrate Paul's 80th birthday.  Paul and his wife Pat, spent four years living in Libya.  Paul was working in the oil fields there and has written a book called, "Libya: The Dream or Nightmare".   (available on While he talked about the beauty of the desert, he explained the fear the people have of Col. Kaddafi, and why the rebels fighting right now are so courageous.  Bob videotaped his interview with Paul and you can see it on

Another interesting person we met yesterday was Bernadette Cotinola.  She's an artist and paints the large clam fixture at the entrance of PCV and others around town.   Pismo Beach used to be known for its abundant clamming but unfortunately, there were no restrictions and eventually the clams disappeared.  The town however, still uses the clam as a symbol.  Anyway,  Bernadette paints this 8 foot clam to correspond to the season.  At Christmas, the clam was Rudolph with antlers attached....then it was a monarch butterfly, at thanksgiving, it's a turkey with a wide spread of feathers, and Monday, we caught Bernadette turning the clam into a bunny with giant ears.  (her interview is on as well).  She had quite an audience watching her paint and the kids and grownup alike were so excited to see the bunny face come to life.

Anyway....that's my report for today...just wanted you all to know that life is good.   :)
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