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With 400 sites and families gathering....At times here at Pismo Coast Village there can be close to a thousand people staying here...With all those people, what is amazing is how quiet it is..particularly in the evening...There is a written and unwritten RV law that it's quiet time after 10pm and it stays that way to at least 7 or 8 in the morning.  The only sound you generally hear after 10pm at Pismo Coast Village is the dominant sound of...
You know those great glass mugs you love to drink your root beer floats from at home?  Well, we have found they aren't such a good idea on the road.  When deciding what is going into your travel trailer or other RV out on the road, we have discovered "think light and think plastic." Not only will they break when flying out of the cabinet, but, even worse than that, they'll break other stuff.  We are in the process of repairing the...

We've been asking RVer's here at Pismo Coast Village what tool is the one tool they would not want to be without on the road.   Here's what we found...

1.  Flashlight
2.  Crescent Wrench
3.  Claw Hammer
4.  Multi-head Screwdriver
5.  Ladder/Step Stool
6.  Razor Knife
7.  Bungi Cords
8.  Velcro
9.  Vice Grips
10. Duct Tape
11. Staple Gun

Let us know what you bring on the road that you just must absolutel...

Neither rain, nor sleet or dark of clouds could keep any of the RV'ers from flocking to Pismo Coast RV Resort over President's Day Weekend....every one of their 400 spaces was full! 

It just poured down rain and the wind was blowing folks off the road, but nothing...nothing was going to stop any of the friends and families around here from
enjoying this long weekend.   For the most part, the hatches were battened and it was quiet ...
This is a test.  This is only a test.  If this had been an actual post, it would be much more interesting....