Of course I haven't been to them all, but in the past five years I've logged in near 100,000 miles in my RV... from California across the mountain states, the Great Plains, across the south to Florida, up the east coast to Ontario, Canada, down through the midwest, down to south Texas, across the southwest to southern California and up the California coast to home...and I stayed at some great RV Parks and Resorts (and some that were downright scary)...but my favorite still today is the Springs at Borrego in Borrego Springs, California...It's like (actually better than)  staying at the Dorel country club in Miami Beach.  My friend Dan Wright, who owns the resort sent me an email that has their latest commercial...thought you'd like to see it...We shot a lot of video on our trips down there...we'll be adding more soon...(if you have a resort that you think is great, use the "Create Post" button to add it)

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course
PO Box 70 - 2255 DiGiorgio Road
Borrego Springs, California, 92004
RV Desk and Pro Shop: 760-767-0004

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