Happy New Year RV Dream Radio readers!!

In this Happy New Year show we share with you what I call an “occasion” dish – Pork Arista.  I call it that because all of the preparation is done the day before. On your “occasion” day – like New Year’s – all you have to do is pop it in the oven, make the sides and enjoy both the meal and the day! And this dish is special…let me know what you think.

We also make a stop in a place frequented by former presidents, movie stars, and RVers alike – Desert Hot Springs, CA…and hot springs they have! Nearly every RV park and resort in the town boasts hot tubs, swimming pools and even showers brimming with the remarkable mineral water. For example, the park I stayed at had a pool area with 4 mineral water hot tubs of varying temperatures from 98 to 104 degrees and 2 mineral water swimming pools – 1 at 89 degrees and 1 at 92 degrees – absolute heaven!!! There’s tons more to do in the area as well...so c'mon along!!

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