The Escapees RV Club will have a noticeable presence in Q – we’ll be at booth # 201 in the Big Tent!  Come visit and get up-to-the-minute information on when and where chapters are hosting rallies and pot luck get-togethers. Wear your badge and sport your vehicle decals while you’re in Quartzsite so fellow SKPs will know to offer a hug or a handshake. You might even get on TV. In 2007, Retirement Living TV visited one of our chapter rallies to film a segment for their “Art of Living” series, and they’re sure to be there in January.  Nonmembers are always welcome at Escapees chapter events!

Escapees Chapter Directors Denny & Susie Orr will be hosting the 2nd annual Escapees Quartzsite Happy Hour. 

When:  January 16-17, 2008, 1-3 pm each day
Where: South Frontage Road (also known as Dome Rock Road East), east of Exit #19 on I-10 at Scaddan Wash (just follow the Escapees signs)

Bring along your folding chairs, beverages, and a snack to share. Greet old friends, meet new friends, and learn about what to see and do in Q, plus get the scoop on other Escapees gatherings and events. Mark your calendar for these dates, too:

Jan 10 - 14    Rogue River Rovers — Chapter #37
Jan 14 - 22    ELK C-BOF
Jan 17 - 22    Verde Valley— Chapter #32
Jan 18 - 22    Christian Fellowship C-BOF
Jan 18 - 22    Solos C-BOF
Jan 20 - 26    Columbia River SKPs — Chapter #34
Jan 20- 28     Big Sky — Chapter #28
Jan 21 - 24    Shanty Shakers — Chapter #25
Jan 26 - 30    Wash-Pans — Chapter #39
Feb 1 - 3        Golden Gate— Chapter #1

Look for details - All Escapees welcome!

Here are some Q-pertinent links:  

As you travel to and from Q, remember you’re welcome at the Escapees Rainbow Parks and participating discount parks along your route, . And, don’t forget to keep your Escapees Travel Guide close at hand.  Travel safely!

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