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We've all been select your RV park for the night because it has Wi-Fi and you have some work to get done on the Internet. Then, when you get to your assigned spot you find the Internet connection is so spotty and slow you give up in frustration.  When you go back to the front desk the next morning you realize you are too far away from the park's antenna to get a good connection and, sadly, there are no spots available near it.  In desperation, you uplug and head for the nearest Starbuck's hoping there is parking available near enough to get back on line.  

Now, comes a new device that will plug right into your laptop and extend your range by as much as a thousand feet...Hfield technologies calls it the "Wi-Fire."   Plus, if your connection to Wi-Fi is good, the Wi-Fire will increase it to excellent and your speeds will go up. 

We tested it in our home studios and the installation was easy and quick.  The Wi-Fire comes with a CD that takes only a minute to install...and it works on Windows, Mac and Linux, also, by the way.  The Wi-Fire will clip on your lap top or you can set it even several feet away on your desk, because of the connected wire extender.  The directional antenna rotates on a swivel so you can play with the adjustment to get the optimal connection.  Usually, in our studio, our own Wi-Fi network shows up on the computer, as well as one in an adjoining facility. When we plugged in the Wi-Fire four other networks also showed up on the screen.

There is nothing to configure with the Wi-Fire.  It replaces your WI-Fire card or internal connection without any conflict. And, just as important for RV'ers the device is small so it will fit easily into that computer drawer when you are not using it.

Click here to listen to the Wi-Fire founder Tom DiClemente explain the device in depth on RV Dream Radio.

And..for more information on the Wi-Fire go to

JUST IN!  You can also buy the Wi-Fire direct from RV Dream Radio...$79 plus here to buy with your Master Card or Visa!

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