Retiring in Arizona can be the beginning  of a new life at Intaglio RV Resort

If you visit the Parker, Quartzsite, Lake Havasu areas in western Arizona this time of year you'll witness a site you probably won't see anyplace else in the world.  A sea of tens of thousands of RV's.  Snow birds they call most of them. They're people who live in places like Wisconsin, Michigan, Washington and many areas of Canada.  They want nothing to do with winter, and they have come to the area around the Colorado river where there is warmth and sunshine. BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land is free to park on, so many RV'ers, armed with solar panels set up in the middle of the desert for the winter.  They are serviced by water trucks and honey wagons, or make a deal to go into "town" every so often to refresh their units.  The usual stay for these snowbirds is 4 to 6 months.  Then they head home up north.

For a small town, Parker is surprisingly alive.  Parker is THE town right on the Colorado....and there is something going on there all the time.  In the winter time it's RV'ers...wall to wall, door butt to door butt all down the Colorado.  There is world class golf available, jet skiiing, water skiing, ATVing, hiking, mountain biking...if you want "active" you have it in the Parker area.  Just north of Parker is a casino that'll make you think you just took a left turn into Las Vegas and a few miles further is the beautiful Lake Havasu where the same activities persist. And RV'ers are jammed all along that lake...wall to wall as well. Amazingly, when the temperatures get over 100 in the summer, Parker is more active than ever.  Californians, especially those that live in the Los Angeles area, anxious to get out of town, flock to Parker for the cool water and fun along the Colorado.

And, when speaking of Parker let us not omit the fact that a new Wal-Mart is under construction.

There are also RV Parks in Quartzsite and Parker, as well as Lake Havasu City.  First of all, even this year, those parks are jammed.  Getting a spot is not so easy.  Secondly, most of these parks offer little more than electricity and water and a place to dump.  Their grounds are very much akin to parking in the desert. There are some palm trees along Lake Havasu, but it's still a fairly "camping out" kind of crowded feel.

All of these communities are located in La Paz County.  And, the interesting thing about this county is that 95% of it is owned either by the federal, state or county government or the indian tribes that have claimed the land.  That leaves only 5% available for development of anything new.

Brandon Hudson, Wells Hampton, Wayne Portanova and Al Dahms are four successful Arizona real estate developers recognized the opportunity that existed in the area for a new kind of RV Resort.  All have had various degrees of touch with RVing themselves and realized there was no upscale RV Resort in the area.  They lucked upon a piece of land in a pristine area just 7 miles south of the small community of Bouse, bought it and began the laborious process of getting permits (there are a ton of them) to begin building their dream. 

If it's "location, location, location" that's important, they got it. The site for their new RV Resort is pristine...surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides.  The new RV Resort is 30 miles from Parker along a well constructed two lane highway.  But, just 7 miles away is one of the best meat markets in the county, so shopping is not remote. Intaglio is about 15 minutes away from Interstate 10..far enough to be away from the "real world" but close enough to get you back in the 75 mph traffic when you need it...From Intaglio to the first big shopping center in Phoenix is just 70 minutes.

Parker, by the way is home to the highly rated, awarded La Paz Regional Hospital.  In that modern setting they have state of the art facilities including instant communications with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for diagnosis of stroke victims.  The hospital maintains clinics in both Bouse and Quartzsite and there is a helipad in Bouse as well.  Intaglio also plans to add a helipad right on site.  Two helicopters service the La Paz hospital.

"Intaglio," by the way, is a word that describes the imprinted etchings the indians left in the surrounding rock land around the new RV Resort site.  Of particular interest is "The Intaglio Fisherman" which you can view nearby.

The research done by the Intaglio guys showed the first order of business for RV'ers is not to be butted up against each other.  So, the lots they'll be selling are unusually spacious.  And, they know RV'ers aren't all that crazy about backing up some of those big rigs so every site will be a pull through.  Water is already there, and they plan to dot the new resort with water throughout.  In the middle of the desert, Intaglio will be a true oasis of trees and green as well.  Security is of prime importance..Intaglio will be well fenced and gated. 

Intaglio will only be selling 120 lots in their first phase.  No price has been set as yet but the guys are making it as reasonable as possible.  Owners can also put their lots back in the rental pool, so they'll make money while they're on the road.  With the final chapters of permits just months away Intaglio hopes to be accepting reservations by as early as late summer or early fall.

Of course, this also means that Intaglio will have spaces to rent for those who aren't ready to buy, but want to spend a few days or weeks in the Resort.

One of the very best things about Intaglio is that you can go into Parker or Havasu in the morning, play golf, get on your water skiis, jet the boat up and down the river, grab lunch at one of the excellent restaurants in Parker, gamble a little at the casino, do a little shopping and then get away from all the pandamonium and head back to your home in the quiet, spacious luxury of the Intaglio RV Resort.

But, there will be many days you might not want to leave Intaglio.  Brandon and company have a vision for a very high tech, active resort.  They will offer high speed broadband connections and computers in the club house to open up education and communication for anything the residents want to pursue.  Yes, there will be a pool, spa, etc, and other outdoor activities such as a pickle ball court.  The wide open land surrounding Intaglio invites ATVing and biking...there's enough room to do anything you can dream up...we're talking freedom here! There's even been talk about an outdoor amphitheatre with dramas created by the residents, musicians and bands made up of the "Intaglio-ites" as well. Intaglio's vision is to create opportunity for residents to be as quiet and peaceful as they want, when they want, but when they want to be creative in a second life all the tools to do so will be there.

The four men behind Intaglio have all expressed the same desire to do something very special at their new RV Resort.  They are asking for interested RV'ers to dream their dream of the ultimate RV Resort and give them feedback on their website. When all is said and done, "Intaglio" might be a synonym for "something extraordinary."

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