Dogs and RV'ers go together...Here's a list we thought you might like to see from "Examiner"....(our own Carmel beach where we take our Golden Retriever, Easter is rated #6)

Top 10 Dog Friendliest Beaches in the U.S.

By Helena Sung

1.  Cape San Blas (Port St. Joe, Florida)

2. Quiet Waters Park (Annapolis, Maryland)

3. Block Island (Rhode Island)

4. Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach, Oregon)

5. Fort De Soto Park (St. Petersburg, Florida)

6. Carmel City Beach (Carmel, California)

7.  Jekyll Island (Georgia)

8. Coronado (San Diego, California)

9. Stewart Beach (Galveston, Texas)

10.  Montrose Beach (Chicago, Illinois)

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