The Wirie, a thoroughly researched and thought out long range wireless internet system invented and developed by cruisers for cruisers, is a new device for the boating and RV world. Makers of the new device says "The Wirie is a complete WiFi system that provides much longer range and more stable connections for wireless internet on your boat or RV. It is easy to use and install, waterproof, very powerful, upgradeable, affordable and has a variety of mounting options."

Mark Kilty and Liesbet Collaert from S/V Irie, like most budget minded cruisers, used to take their laptops to shore to access the internet for research, weather information and communication with friends and family. During these trips, the laptops had to endure rain, spray and a lot of shock. Once on land, a WiFi hotspot had to be located to be able to get ”connected”. They got tired of the hassle and time involved with the event of getting online and looked for an affordable, decent product to help access the internet from the comfort of their boat. When they didn’t find what they were looking for, they built it themselves, and called it The Wirie, a combination of their boat name and WiFi.

According to a press release issued this week, "A lot of research and time was spent putting the 'perfect' unit together. It had to be powerful, waterproof, affordable, easy to use, and contain marine grade materials. They also wanted to be able to remove the WiFi adapter from the waterproof case to use it on shore with the laptop if needed. With this unique design, the adapter could also be replaced with newer technologies in the future."

A sailing trip in April 2009 proved The Wirie’s effectiveness and qualities. Other cruisers showed interest, more Wiries were built, and the whole concept became a success in the Caribbean over the following months. Shortly after, a quality website was developed and Tim Kilty of Island Consulting, Inc. became a part of The Wirie crew. Tim’s technical background and his love for boating allowed for some evolution in Mark and Liesbet’s Wirie design and for growth in manufacturing and worldwide shipping. From that point forward The Wirie was available online to an international audience.

During the rest of 2009, research continued, improvements were made to the website, manuals were updated, a more powerful WiFi adapter was added and the RV market became a target. Input from local users prompted new custom-made brackets that will fit horizontal and vertical poles, giving The Wirie yet another edge on the competitors.

Now, Island Consulting, Inc. feels that The Wirie truly is the best and most affordable WiFi solution available on the market for boats and RVs. While enriching customers with The Wirie and providing customer service and advice, the company also keeps an eye on new technologies and continues to research and use them accordingly to improve their product in the future.
The Wirie costs $250 and is for sale online at

About The Wirie
The Wirie was invented in the Caribbean in April 2009 to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly, long range WiFi solution for boats and RVs. It was quickly expanded to a U.S. operation to allow a larger distribution. The Wirie is committed to continuous improvements and to making sure every customer is extremely satisfied. The Wirie is manufactured and distributed by Island Consulting, Inc.
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