Out here on the road, moving fairly fast, at the end of the day, you have to decide where you are going to stay for the night.  As we are doing our updates on line, including text, pictures and video, we need electricity and most of all the internet.  One of the good things we have on this trip is a partnership with Best Parks in America who are vouching for us at their resorts and that gives us a welcome to run around taking shots with our Sony HD.  But, even more so, I'm learning why these resorts are in the group of 60 plus called "Best Parks."  We were highly impressed by the Anaheim Resort in Anaheim and most recently were, shall we say, "overwhelmed" by our visit to Rincon Country West RV Resort in Tucson.  Our visit of a couple of days to Rincon turned into five, partly because we're still organizing in the early stage of our trip ("have you seen my favorite sweats?" How can we lose things in such a small space?)..but, also partly because there was such a story there and we found it difficult to leave.

Rincon Country West RV Resort..let's start with 1100 spaces!  But, the length and breadth of the Resort is just the beginning of the story.  From the entry gate to the front desk to every person we came into contact with at Rincon, we felt at home.  And, it wasn't just us...we observed other visitors interaction with the staff who treated them with a smile and a willingness to do what they could to make their stay as great as possible.  We were lucky enough to be put at one of their "premium" pull through sites and if you come to Rincon I suggest the extra few dollars for these sites is well worth it.  The sites are really a new idea in RV Resorts..something we haven't seen before.  It is four pull through sites around a common grassy lawn and trees area.  Each site has their own barbecue and picnic table...and these tables are beautiful stone designed very high quality tables.  

Facilities?  Like you've never seen before!  There is a gorgeous, heated, Olympic sized swimming pool, with two spas surrounding it..one spa is inside with an open air view and the other is secluded in a garden area.  What is so clever is the largest laundry room (there are several throughout the park)...just off the pool area..start your clothes and walk right outside for a jump in the pool or the spa.  And, you know how important this is..the laundry rooms are all air conditioned.  They're clean and very high quality.  

We shot videos of an entire tour of the park led by manager, Annette Sounnakhone and we will have those on line for you shortly (too much road and too little bandwidth for a couple of days) and you will be impressed. This resort has its own extensive post office and all the other necessities of RV life.  But, it goes beyond anything we've ever seen.  It has a lighted multi shuffle board court (where many roudy tournaments are played), its own highly outfitted woodworking, lapidary and ceremics shop.  It has a huge sewing area complete with sewing machines and other tools...it has a beautiful pool and billiards room...we counted at least eight high quality tables in a well lighted large room...a card room, a coffee room.  And, it has a couple of meeting rooms..one with a large stage where RV'ers put on plays...another where they were conducting square dance lessons.  There are at over 60 "birds of a feather" clubs inside Rincon.  And, there's the "four courts" area where pickle ball is hot, along with tennis, a putting and net driving golf range, and a large horse shoe area.

I am sure I have missed a whole bunch of stuff I should have mentioned.  But, I'll stop now, except to let you know the streets are wide, the place is very clean and (pardon the expression) "classy." It resembles a high end resort hotel resort.  Dogs are welcome but kept in a specific part of the park...and lots of bicycles on the paved streets.

If I was surprised by anything at Rincon, it was the rates.  I was expecting some of those near hundred dollar a night bills I have seen at some of the higher end RV resorts, but to my amazement, the rates were very low...at least very reasonable...per night, week or monthly, even better.  So, even us on our "we-just-got-on-the road" budget can afford Rincon.  I will warn you one thing about Rincon Country West RV Resort, however.  Don't expect to spend just a night there...when you see what they have to offer, you won't want to leave.  Stand by for a complete look on RV Dream New Radio, via video and pictures of what we are talking about...we'll have everything up shortly.

Bob Hamilton
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