George O'Leary, I love you!   I've never met the owner of Rincon Country West RV Resort, but I know I would adore him after seeing his creation.   (No wonder it's part of the Best Parks America group of resorts.....excuse the plug but it's true... )

There's a whole list of things I'll mention about why I love this little bit of heaven, but first, and I want to scream it from the mountain tops...
"I LOVE YOUR LAUNDRY ROOMS!"    There are several laundry rooms scattered around the grounds and they are beautiful!  Large, clean, fresh, and AIR CONDITIONED!  

 Off one laundry room is a workout room...pop a load in and use the equipment for a another laundry room is a beautiful olympic sized swimming pool.   Start all your laundry, swim, lay in the sun, put your laundry in the dryer, swim, lay in the sun...dang...are the clothes done already?

Ok...I went overboard on the laundry rooms but that was only the beginning of our adventure.   Wait!  The bathrooms!   Big private rooms with showers all in tile from Ireland all brought over in suitcases by George and his wife!   You wish you had a bathroom in your home as beautiful as these. 

Our deluxe accommodations for our rig were located around what feels like a village park.  A large square with grass and trees and lamp posts.    Each side of the square is large enough to fit a pull-thru.    Each of the four sites has its own BBQ and stone picnic table inlaid with beautiful tile.   It's a warm, safe, cozy feeling. for the mindblowing part of this place.   Need something to do?   There are several large craft rooms. 

Ceramics:  Pour your own, create on a clay wheel, glaze and fire your own creation. 
Jewelry:  From rock tumblers to machines I've never seen.  Heaven for the jewelry maker
Sewing:  Big tables, sewing machines, supplies
Woodworking:  A furniture maker should be so lucky to have all this stuff

The rooms all have volunteers who help you with your project.  No fees, unless you stay for the season and want to be part of their club, then it's $5 a year.  

There's a club for about any activity you want and they all have potlucks.  Doreen creates a monthly newsletter that carries the latest news from the resort and outlines all the activities and you are welcome to them all.

Everyone we met was so friendly.  From the ladies behind the counter to the folks in the park.  We visited with Bob in the jewelry room and admired his silver and gemstone creations.   He sells a lot of the jewelry he makes...

Not into crafts?  There's a billiards room with 6 tables, an auditorium where they put on shows, a dance room where there's a live caller for square dancing and folks who also lead ballroom dancing....

I would be remiss if I didn't mention all the great shopping located within just one mile.  When my computer bit the dust, we discovered that a Best Buy was almost right next door.  Also in the same shopping mall were:  Target, Marshall's, Party City, Dollar Store, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Home Depot, Wet Seal, Frys Grocery eye glass place where they fixed my many stores covering a huge area, I can't begin to remember them all. 

You can live at Rincon Country West, stay for the winter, pop in for a week or stay just for the night...all its' bounty is there for you for no additional charge.    The rates for staying there?  Same as any other park!, if not if you'd have your druthers...guess where I'm staying...


A shout out to Racheal at the front desk for being so nice and for referring us to her favorite mechanic for some repairs to our rig.

Thank you to Annette, manager of this park and Rincon Country East for making us feel so welcome.   Can't wait to come back and see you again!

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