RV'ers are rapidly learning the importance of their smart phone as they travel down the nation's highways...My Droid has kept me from running out ot gas more than one time by directing me to the nearest service station.  The device has become my RV "Swiss army knife for all it can do.  One of the things it has done lately, especially as we came in to Los Angeles was not only give me the route but let me know what the traffic was like.  The GPS on the Droid is terrific but very basic....

Today, our friend Andre at Beat The Traffic came with a more in depth solution by releasing a new app for the Droid.  This is a fantastic way to save you time, gas and most of all, aggravation when you hit one of 110 metro areas in the U.S.  The new app is free, or a version without commercials can be had for only about $4.  Here is the press release Andre sent us today....We highly recommend getting an Android phone (I know, iPhones are great too, but they're not on Verizon Wireless..yet) and when you do , downloading this app...

Beat the Traffic Releases New Android Application

Santa Clara, CA - December 1st, 2010 - Beat the Traffic®, the fastest-growing provider of vehicle traffic reporting solutions, today announced the release of its popular Beat the Traffic® App for the Android platform. As with all of Beat the Traffic's popular mobile apps, the Beat the Traffic® Android App provides real-time traffic speeds for more than 110 cities in the USA and Canada, live traffic camera snapshots in 35 major metropolitan areas, and detailed information on traffic incidents, such as accidents or disabled vehicles, which experts cite as the source of over 50% of all traffic delays. 

"In the San Francisco Bay Area alone, traffic congestion results in about 97 million gallons of excess fuel consumption annually," says Andre Gueziec, President & CEO of Triangle Software LLC, parent company of Beat the Traffic®, "Not to mention countless hours of lost productivity and frustration. Our mobile apps help drivers save time and money.   Beat the Traffic® makes it easy to see traffic delays in your area, giving drivers the ability to adjust their travel plans or navigate around significant backups."

Outstanding early response. While the Android App has only been publicly available for a few days, it has already been downloaded more than 31,000 times and received rave reviews.

"Works great in the bay area. Able to see detailed accidents which google lacks." says Bearie

"I was waiting for it since I switched from iPhone to Android, it worth the wait! Really good and easy to use!" says Dachmt.

"Excellent Real Time Traffic Flow Maps, complete with Traffic Alerts and Traffic Cameras." says Idigital.  

Beat the Traffic® for Android is available free of charge and is ad-supported. Beat the Traffic® Plus is available for $3.99 and is free of advertisement.   Both versions are available to download in the official Android Market Place.

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