Couples who RV, quickly face a new definition of their relationship, whether they are full timers or just spend extended weekends together in their home on wheels.  It's one thing when they live in a big house with their own private get away spaces such as a home office or work room.  On the road, they are generally in one room that can range from 16 feet to 45.  Privacy and alone time is suddenly at a premium.  Recently, we had a discussion about "on the road relationships" with two RVing couples here at Pismo Coast Village. One of the couples is from Yuba City and the other from Tustin, California.  The discussion started first with a discussion about what happens to couples when they retire...."A lot of people, when they's a big stress because they're together a lot more," said math teacher David Casey.  His partner, Shirley Arguello is a divorce attorney and she noted she had just handled the divorce of a couple who had been together for 62 years. Being together broke them apart.

RVing together can exacerbate the situation also.  Driving down the road, backing up a travel trailer or fifth wheel, and dealing with inevitable break downs can put even more pressure on a relationship.  On the other hand, getting away from the stresses of home and business and coming to a peaceful place like Pismo Coast Village can be a marriage savior as well..."We've lost our appreciation for simple..just walking out into the dunes.looking out at the doesn't have to be doesn't have to be high tech..." Without the TV on, the phone ringing, suddenly there can be time to talk to each other in a quiet setting.

Also, Priscilla noted...when on the road..." just have to learn to be a part and need time alone but you need time together you do things together and then you break apart..he reads and I hike and take need to break need your space." 

There is no more perfect setting for that than Pismo Coast Village.  Being situated right on the ocean, there is a huge beach to be able to take walks or just go out on the sand or rocks and sit down quietly to read or contemplate.  On the other hand, it's a rare location for RV parks in that it is only a short walk to nearby attractions like the Monarch Butterfly grove, or to the town of Pismo Beach with restaurants and various unique shops.  If you have the extra car world class shopping centers are within three miles. There is also a choice great golf courses within 15 minutes or so from Pismo Coast Village.  And, the setting is perfect for riding bikes, grabbing an ATV or dune buggy to ride right on the beach.

Together time at Pismo Coast Village also can revolve around the huge fire pits and picnic tables available at every site.  And, if you want a diversion from nature, cable TV is available.  And, as most RVer's do, bring the laptop because the Wi-Fi at Pismo Coast Village is the best of any RV park in North America.

As we have discussed, RVing can be a strain or a blessing for couples on the road.  For many, it's an experience that can bring you closer together. It can be a time of creativity, rather than competition.  Coming in to even the friendliest of places it is still evident how much you need to rely on each other. And, David noted, that can magnify the need for respect...."respecting the other person..respecting their points of view."  With all the diversity offered, we have found that there's no less stressful place to practice that, than at Pismo Coast Village.

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