Writing from Malibu Beach RV Park.
We were PCV neighbors for a night earlier in the week.  We talked briefly about my Trail Manor trailer.  I checked out your webpage and thought it very well done.
We are fairly experienced RVers, starting with a VW van conversion, and working our way through, Coleman tent trailer, PleasureWay Class C, and now our Trail Manor.
We have been out for weekends, took a 7-week baseball trip with my son, and everything in between.  Thought I might share a couple of our favorite RV parks, and hope
that you could do the same back at us.
PISMO COAST VILLAGE-You already know about this place, one of the best we use.  We have been here 5-6 times over the past 15 years, and as we leave we always
comment on just how good it is.  I think it is actually better maintained today than it was during our first visit.  In fact, we arrange our travel route to pass through Pismo
Beach so we can stay here.  Perhaps our favorite thing about PCV is the ability to walk to town if you want to.  There are a couple of outstanding restaurants in town.
Get the crab bisque to go from the Cracked Crab.  One pint for two is plenty($14), but with a small loaf of French bread, awesome.  Guissepe’s(sp) put out a great Italian
dinner as well.  Nearby hiking in Montana de Oro State Park is as good ocean bluff hiking as you can find.  If you are still in the area Thursday night San Luis Obispo has
a great street fair.  They close down the main street, and vendors, music, food all available.
MALIBU BEACH RV PARK—This was our first pricey RV park($50+) but we have come back so many times.  It sits right on the cliffs above the Pacific Coast Highway, less than
100 yards from the Pacific Ocean.  We are definite Northern Californians, not liking the SoCal much, but this place is our spot.  We can see, hear, and feel the ocean right from
our clifftop site.  Last night there was no wind, and we sat out at dark with wine in hand and watched cars headlights stream down the PCH right below us, then look up and see
the sky full of stars, then off to our left we can see the jets lined up to land at LAX.  A twenty minute drive gets us to the pier at Santa Monica, and one of the best bike paths
anywhere.  We take forays into the city, but always look forward to getting back to our Malibu RV home.
EMERALD DESERT RV RESORT—Palm Desert, CA  This is the best RV park we use on a regular basis.  Located in the heart of the Palm Spring area, it is a gated park, with several restrictions as to who can stay there.  55+, no children, vehicle minimums.  Cost is up there as well, ($60+ per night), but we gladly pay for all the amenities available.  The weather, in winter, is perfect for shorts, flip flops, and t-shirts.  Great, huge pool and community center meeting room.  Daily breakfasts, and dinner choices.  Weight room.  Grassy areas around all the cement sites.  We are there each year for the big tennis tournament in mid-March, but it would be a destination in the winter for any reason.
MESA SPIRIT RV RESORT—Located in Mesa, AZ this is our home during baseball spring training.  1800 sites, make it a little city.  Several pools, workout rooms, two community centers,and so much more that we haven’t even learned yet.  Shuffle board is huge here, as the place is the winter home of hoards of Canadians, eh.  The shuffle board courts
are not to be messed with, and at night are packed with folks pushing that little disc.  This will be our third trip here, and we may even join a beginners league this year.  This is
an asphalt RV park, with not vegetation anywhere, except cactus.  It has everything you need, including an on-call doctor.  There are some permanent mobile home on site, but
this place is very strict about who and how you stay there.  We do not mind the tough restrictions, as it keeps the place good.
“an Indian casino RV park just outside Sedona, AZ”—Cannot remember the name of this place, but it was really well done.  High desert location, gives great views of the surrounding
mountains.  Less than half an hour into Sedona, the place is clean, well kept, has everything you need, including a shuttle to take you to the casino.  We have been there only once, but immediately put it in our top ten RV spots.
KOA PETALUMA—Located just off 101 in Petaluma,CA this is your typical KOA with location, location, location.  Wine tasting is all around you, SF is just a half hour drive and ferry ride away(Larkspur), and the Russian River area has all kinds of cool things to do.  This place is only an hour and half from our home, but we use it when we want to RV and also go to the City.
KOA MANCHESTER—Located on Highway 1 just above Point Arena, CA in Mendocino county.  This place is hell and gone from any big city, but if beach camping is your thing, the location is very good.  It is a very well-run KOA with everything you need.  If you go there, head into Point Arena for dinner. Find the wharf, and a spot call the Galley or The Wharf, I can’t remember for sure, but there aren’t too many ways you could miss it.  Order up a bowl of crab chippino.  The place is not fancy, but the seafood is excellent.
SEVEN FEATHERS CASINO RV PARK—Canyonville, OR—Located on I-5 we stumbled onto this place on a trip to Washington.  OMG this place is pristine excellence.  The individual shower rooms are better than those I have at home.  Site trash pick up every morning, newspaper delivery, horseshoe pits, BBQ areas, grass around every site,, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and best of all, $25 a night when we stayed there.  This place would rock for a family reunion weekend.  Again, the casino runs a shuttle so you don’t even have to drive the 1/2 mile to get there.
I have more but Mrs. Norris says it’s time to hit the road this morning.  Hope I have added to your top ten list.
Cobb, CA
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