You know how it goes, sometimes you just gotta have some pizza.  Nothing else will do, no matter how hard you try to distract yourself.  And it's only worse when someone else in the car has the same mindset.   Rose and I were both struck in such a way after a quick Wal-Mart run.   I remembered seeing a small pizza place near the sushi place Ham and I visited several weeks ago so we thought we'd give it a try.

We walked into the shop and found out why the word "Giant" is in their name.   They had just pulled out a huge, behemoth of a 30 inch meatball pizza and put it on the counter to cool.  Only the glass separated us from the pizza...and it was almost scary.  I was totally caught off guard.  It certainly took my breath away!  Do you know how big 30 inches is?  Think of your bicycle...the wheels are usually 24, 26 or 28 take your arms and open them wide.  Yeah, that big. The meatballs on this pizza were the size of a golf ball....seriously!  I felt uneasy and realized I was almost afraid of this I suddenly found myself walking in next to a giant sea creature or something. 

Anyway, fear soon let way to delight and we couldn't wait to order.  By the way, they will take that giant pizza, fold and it half and ta-daaaaa a giant calzone!   Man, I'd love to have a party about now!  See that circle next to the big one on the wall?  That's an average extra large!

Rose and I each ordered a slice of pepperoni pizza, but what we didn't expect was that the slice they sell is from the 30 inch and the pepperoni slices were as big as the palm of your hand!  It was really, really, really, good.   The crust was light, just enough sauce and lots of cheese.  

I mean, really?  Take a look at Rose taking a bite off this slice!    They have a lot of lunch combinations and we each had a slice, two breadsticks and a large soda for less than $10 bucks.

You just gotta go there.  Sam's Giant Manhatten Pizza is just about a mile away from Pismo Coast Village in the Orchard Supply Hardware shopping center.   883 North Oak Park Boulevard, Pismo Beach, CA 93449
(805) 481-3444

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