Crank Up That Antenna!

RV'ers like to watch TV while they are on their road in their beautiful rigs.  It's rare when you don't stay in an RV park that doesn't have cable TV..but generally, it's fairly limited as compared to your Direct TV or Dish Network.  Of course, there's always the chance you are under a tree with that slick RV dish on the top of your rig.  We've seen more than one big rig extend one of those spare little cheap dishes 30 or 40 feet away from their rig.
Of course, it's a new day as it has to do with watching TV on the Internet, but we'll attack that subject in a different post. 

What we want to talk about today is that old fashioned antenna on the top of your RV.  As a young man explained to me not too long ago, "Things have changed."  Just about anywhere you go these days, the local TV channels are delivering "over the air HD."  If you have a digital TV or box attached to your non digital TV inside your rig, just switch over to antenna.  If you haven't done it, you will be amazed at the beautiful HD picture you get on your TV set.  And, those antennas don't seem to be bothered by trees or other obstructions for the most part.  Here at Pismo Coast Village we're getting five networks and the picture is unbelievable. 

Cranking up the antenna on the RV has not only saved us when we were dry camping, but it's the best picture we get out here on the road.  In our travel trailer we have to hit a switch to turn on the antenna and we have to tell our Sony to switch to antenna as well..but, then "autoprogram" picks up all the digital feeds..

So crank up that old antenna on your roof!  It's beautiful!
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