Gasoline prices continue to rise..up another 2 cents yesterday to a new average
of just over $3.68 a gallon according to Triple A.  “I’m just going to be honest
with you. There’s not much we can do next week or two weeks from now,” the
president told workers at a town hall meeting at Gamesa Technology Corp., a
Spanish company that makes giant turbines that use wind to generate electricity.
He continued to tout wind and other "clean energy." “Gas prices? They’re going
to still fluctuate until we can start making these broader changes, and that’s
going to take a couple of years to have serious effect,” Obama said. In fact,
gasoline prices have more than doubled under the Obama administration as he
has stopped drilling and made getting permits a lengthy red tape nightmare for
oil companies.  Experts point to huge oil reserves off shore and in Alaska...
When oil prices reached a similar point in the GW Bush administration he
announced a loosening of those drilling restrictions and the prices of oil and
gasoline dropped almost immediately.
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