Bringing out the RV after having stored it for awhile can bring you some unwelcome surprises particularly inside the refrigerator.  Nasty, mold and mildew.  One of our neighbors here at Pismo Coast Village gave us a great tip. Before you shut the fridge door for awhile, prepare a solution, that is two tablespoons of bleach in two to three quarts of water.  Then, wipe down every inch of the refrigerator with the solution.  Once done and dry go back in and wipe it down again, drying completely, with a clean cloth.  Bleach reportedly keeps away that mold and mildew that will build up if you don't treat it.  Our neighbor also takes all the plastic shelves out and stores them outside the refrigerator. Mold and mildew particularly love plastic.  We researched this tip extensively and it's true..bleach is the ban of that fungus that loves that dark refrigerator.
  1. Bob Hamilton Doug and Theresa Hixon corrected us...

    "This is a correction to tip 10, Preventing mold or mildew in a refrigerator during storage. The proportions of bleach to water should be
    about 2 tablespoons bleach in 2 to 3 quarts of water. 1 cup bleach in 1 cup of water is way too strong for this purpose. Hope this
    helps. Remember to dry out the inside of the fridge completely and remove any plastic bins or drawers and store them separately out
    of the fridge for long term storage. Mold will generally form on these parts if left inside the fridge.

    We hope to see you next week at PCV.

    Doug and Theresa Hixon

    p.s. Your reports are fantastic! Keep them coming.
    on 05/11/2011
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