When it comes to RV Resorts, as Brother Dave Gardener used to say, "The worst I ever had was wonderful." But, some are better than others.  This week we are staying with the good people at Coyote Valley RV Resort on the outskirts of San Jose.  This small city is about 20 minutes from the center of downtown San Jose, but Coyote is basically in a magic country setting...very quiet..thank you.  It's just off the freeway, but the Coyote Creek golf course is between the freeway and the resort.  You can walk over to the golf course, but, the people here will take you over and pick you up in the "Cadillac," which is the four person golf course.  Coyote has two 18 hole golf courses. But, between the golf course and right behind Coyote Valley RV Resort is the creek which runs for 20 miles...there is a paved bike path to the creek from the resort and a paved bike/walking path along the beautiful creek....it's the woods, but picnic tables dot the area...incredible number of different kinds of birds as well. Only one word here..."peace."

Coyote Valley RV Resort itself has an air of quality...the wide (and even wider, if you want) paved sites are perfect with modern hookup stations. There is vegetation between each site.  And, very unique, is the lawn between each row..you have a beautiful back yard at most of the sites.  Coyote is very well lit at night without being intrusive..and it's quiet...in the evening you'll hear some commuter trains quickly pass through occasionally, but they're more comforting than irritating. 

The club house is spectacular...well stocked store that stays open until 7 or 8 depending on the time of year and day...big club room with fireplace..great swimming pool and spa..all surrounded by large lawns.  That's one thing that sets the feel of Coyote...lots of green everywhere.  There is a putting green, horseshoes, ping pong and an excellent workout room upstairs.  There's a kitchen in the workout room and down in the big room..and there's a large gas barbecue grill on the patio jsut outside.  The laundry room is just off the pool, so you can take a swim or sit under the eaves at a table and view the mountains while you're clothes are washing. 

The wi-fi here is better than average..cable TV is good, but you get a lot of over the air HD stations on your antenna here as well...and there are no giant trees to kill your satellite TV.

Service is unique here..on the three day weekend the Bistro is open for breakfast, with some special pastries and other food...and if you don't want to walk over, just call them and they'll deliver to your site (Yes! "Room Service!").  You doh't have to worry about trash pickup..just put it in front of your site and they come around and pick it up.  Oh and we don't want to forget to talk about dogs...about the best RV park you can find for dogs...last weekend there were over a hundred dogs in the resort. There's a large fenced in dog run and the lawns between each row of RVs is a great place to take your dog...and even better is the creek walk behind.

Location, location,location...You are only 20 minutes (depending on traffic, of course) to downtown San Jose, with its museums, convention centers, high end restaurants and shopping.  While you are there, catch a Cal-Train and it's less than an hour into downtown San Francisco..you get off just a block from Giants stadium, so easy to catch a baseball game while you are here.

The best part about any RV park in my mind is how friendly and welcoming it is...Coyote gets a 10....it started with Jimmy greeting us at the front desk and then leading us with his golf cart to our site and staying until we backed in the trailer and got hooked up.  The help was appreciated, the smile was even better. And, that's what we've gotten from the other RV'ers while we're here...everybody seems to be glad to be here and they are accepting and welcoming of even us "quick timers."

Bottom line folks...we recommend Coyote Valley RV Resort....You, your kids and especially your dog are going to love this place.
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