No trains, planes or traffic...just the brilliant sound of silence.   The trees don't even dare rustle in the breeze...   We thought we had been living the dream until we arrived at our current destination, Kamp Klamath, in Klamath, California, deep in the heart of the Redwood National Park and beside the Klamath River.   We are just 20 miles south of Crescent City, along the California Coast, in the tribal lands of the Yurok Indians.     How's this photo for a view of the campsites?

Salmon fishing is the biggest thing here...and the river is full of them.   Seriously, last night, at the weekly, all you can eat Salmon dinner, two salmon fed over 50 people!  Huge fillets 3-4 inches thick....and if you haven't tasted salmon the day it was caught, well, shame on call yourself a fish lover...   

Yesterday we hiked about a mile up the road and came to a bluff that overlooked where Klamath River empties into the ocean.  This photo is low tide... A magnificent sight full of indian history that is explained on a large board.   Definitely worth the hike. 

We also ventured up to Crescent City yesterday to their weekly Farmer's Market.  Kamp Klamath has a booth there selling it's award winning smoked salmon.   Word is that they kept winning the contest so many years in a row, that they were declared the permanent winner and the contest faded away.   

Also at the farmer's market, we discovered Bouncing Berry Farms.  We met Mechelle Webb, who with her husband Michael, are cranberry farmers just up the road in Bandon, Oregon.    Mechelle's daughter, Brinkley has gluten and casein intolerance so Mechelle would create different cranberry treats her daughter could eat whenever she would go to a party where there may not be anything she could enjoy.  From this mother's love, came the cranberry/apple compote that we tasted.  Mine was served over pound cake, Ham had some served with sour cream and it was wonderful.   Mechelle told us that several of the cranberry growers in Bandon had lost their farms in this down economy and marketing her cranberry recipe is an effort to save their farm.   We did a video with Mechelle that you can find on this site shortly.  Check out their website at: bouncingberryfarms. com.

More adventures to come during our stay at Kamp Klamath....There's "Trees of Mystery" to explore,  Klamath Jet Boats, the corkscrew tree, beaches to explore, lighthouses to see and not to mention the amazing weekly all you can eat Salmon BBQ with entertainment and bonfire, right here at Kamp Klamath...
  1. Rose Hamilton Sounds so amazing! Would love to go! Send me some smoked salmon...PLEASE!
    on 06/12/2011
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