Every Saturday night is always "good eatin' night" while we are here at Kamp Klamath, our home for a month or so, along the mouth of the Klamath River in northern California.   

Saturdays are all you can eat BBQ salmon night and the campers as well as local folks from around the area come together to celebrate the days' catch.  We all sit by the bonfire, eat and listen to entertainer extrodinaire, Douglas King sing, play guitar and his harmonica accompanied by his very talented side-kick, Washtub Willie who plays the washtub bass.   

The location on the property is a natural ampitheater with Redwood and Alder trees on both sides of the clearing.  So peaceful, so perfect and filled with the joy of one another's company. The real star of the show, however, is the amazing fresh caught salmon!

Along with the salmon feast is rice pilaf, freshly wokked veggies, a salad with greens and tomatoes from the camp's own garden as well as chicken for those who prefer to eat an animal that has legs.   Shortly after dinner, Glenda breaks out the marshmallows and no one can resist taking a turn to brown up or burn one.   For only $10.50, it's a heavenly bargain.

Next time I sign on, I'll be writing about how "green" and self sustaining this particular spot is.  Owner, Aaron Funk, is a master at making sure everything used is re-used to benefit the eco-system of the park.   It's an amazing story and one I know you'll enjoy reading. 

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