Reduce, recycle, where is this idea more evident than at Kamp Klamath in Klamath, California.  Whether you RV or camp, everyone here does their part in saving and replenishing the river and the land of the Redwoods.   We have learned there is thought and purpose behind every decision that is made here.    There are goats, chickens, rabbits and gardens that sustain the work campers and visitors to the park.  (check out the head of weed control....)  Even the fish remains are returned to the river to feed other fish and continue the cycle of life.  

One of the neat things owner,  Aaron Funk, does is grow his strawberries on the side of his house.   He took about $30 worth of NEW sewer pipe and drilled 3" holes along the length about 6-8 inches apart.   He took a smaller PVC tube, put small holes in it every couple of inches and inserted that into the sewer tube.  One end of the PVC tube is attached to the water supply and runs the length of the pipe, comes out the other end and has a valve that can be opened and closed.    The tubes are suspended via eye hooks from the roof on the sunny side of his house. ( Several rows can be hung at different levels. )

The sewer pipe holes are filled with sand, peralite, soil and Miracle Grow and other nutrients and the small strawberry seedlings (that were raised from seeds in the camp's greenhouses) are placed into the holes.    To water, the faucet is turned on and the water goes through the PCV tubing to the closed end.  Once full,  the valve remains closed for 15-20 minutes while the soil soaks up the water.  Aaron puts a bucket under the drain valve and lets the remaining (now nutrient rich) water drain out into a bucket that he uses to water various other plants in the greenhouses.  Nothing is wasted.

The good thing about keeping the plants off the ground is that you don't have to worry about snails or bugs, so no pesticides are needed and the leaves and berries are not laying in the dirt but hanging down the pipe.   Plus, you don't even need to bend over to harvest your bounty!

Here's the chicken coop.  What a great way to recycle an old travel trailer!

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