I'll let you in on a big secret...  One of the new delicacies we've learned about eating Salmon is the back!   Once the filets have been taken off, you're left with the skeleton remains of the fish, but among that structure is some of the most amazing bits of salmon you'll ever taste!

Here is a photo of Professional Fishing Guide, Steve Huber, and his son, Jordon.    Jordon, 13, caught this 26 pounder Tuesday on a barbless lure.   What a beauty!  The back that Hamilton ate that very night, was from this incredible fish.  Thanks, Jordan!

This is Hamilton with the back from the salmon.  Steve told us to put a little pepper and lemon on it and BBQ it up...and so we did!   He also suggested that you scoop these wonderful bits into a cream cheese mix with dill, pepper and lemon.   Look how much meat is left on the back that gets thrown away!   We cut this up in four pieces and put two pieces in the freezer...

Here's Ham with his salmon face on!

Here's how you get in touch with Steve...Coast Guard Licensed, Bonded and Insured
P.O. Box 539
Douglas City, CA  96024
1-530-623-1918 (reservations)

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