Hamilton and I have been on the road non-stop for over nine months now and we've experienced a lot of RV Parks and Resorts.   While we've enjoyed most places we've visited, it wasn't until we landed at Kamp Klamath, in Klamath, California, that we truly realized what peace can be found on the road.   So without further ado, here's my top ten list of why I love being at Kamp Klamath...

1.  Friendliest and most informed folks you'll ever meet
(L to R) Lauren, Douglas, (manager) Frank, Don, Greg, Aaron (owner) Cheryl, Glenda, and John.

2.  Quiet
NO NOISE!  No traffic, airplanes or trains!  
Just us chickens...

3.  Campwide Saturday night BBQ salmon/chicken dinners with Douglas and Tugboat Willie singing camp songs in the redwoods

4. River meets the ocean right here!  You'll be able to watch sea lions, migrating whales and
with all the state and national park trails and information, you'll learn a lot about the area.

5.  Green, private sites for campers and RV's
6.  No charge for hot showers, wifi or checking out family and lawn games
7.  Lots of things to do and see...Redwoods, fishing, jet boat rides, Trees of Mystery, hiking, corkscrew tree, Fern Canyon (where they filmed Jurassic Park) Elk watching, boating, relaxing!

8.  Wholly sustainable, environmentally friendly and clean
9.  Cool when the rest of the country is hot...Warm when the rest of the country is cold

10 They loved my dog!  They'll love yours too... :)

More of my favorite photos from our time here...

Steve Huber and son, Jordan.  Jordan caught    Hamilton next to a redwood
this 28 pounder!

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