While you're camping or in your RV at Kamp Klamath, you may find the need to stop by an ATM.   In a small community it may be tough to find one, so we put together a list of where you can find an ATM in Klamath, California without having to go all the way to Crescent City.

1. Pey Mey gas station/mini mart (right off Hwy 101)
125 Ehlers Way
Klamath, CA
(707) 482-3510

2. Trees Of Mystery (in the gift shop)
15500 Hwy 101 N.
Klamath, CA

3. Woodland Villa Market
15870 US Highway 101 N
(707) 482-2081

4. Chetco Federal Credit Union
219 Salmon Ave.
Klamath, CA
(707) 482-0474

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