RV Dream New Radio has spent several days this week in Fort Bragg, California along the northern California coast. If you haven't been to this area you should know it's a very special place.  Fort Bragg, Casper, Mendocino, Little River and Albion make up about 20 miles of this spectacular coast line.  We are lucky enough to be at the beautiful Pomo RV Park on the south edge of Fort Bragg.  Pomo (named after the Native American tribe) is in the woods but, very convenient to all the shopping and restaurants in town.  What is most unique are the sites themselves with each site totally surrounded by beautiful trees and shrubbery so you get the feeling that you have your own private spot in the woods.  But, you also have all the amenities...wi-fi, great cable TV, and of course "full hookups" with water, electricity and sewer at each site.  It is very quiet as well...the sound of the ocean is right here. You are on the inland side of highway one but, still very near the ocean. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Janet, Ray, Ellen and Ray all know the area in detail and seem to be happy and grateful they're in this beautiful place.  Beautiful new bathrooms and showers, a modern laundry and great meeting rooms also are in the center of the park.  There is a great lawn in front of the meeting rooms where you can play whatever sport you might want to participate in , and it's the perfect spot to grab a chair and watch the sunset over the ocean.  By the way, it's a great place for dogs with plenty of places to walk and run.

There is plenty to do here in the area and we'll tell you more about that on RV Dream New Radio.  You can get here several different ways...most people take highway 20 from Willits on 101...it's a great (long) 32 mile road over the mountain but steep..there's about a 20 mile downgrade, which means there's a 20 mile upgrade going back. You can also get here via highway 1 which is twisty and windy and narrow in places along the coast...or 20 miles south of Fort Bragg there is highway 128 back to highway 101...it's about 60 miles and a more narrow road, but not as mountainous as highway 20. 

We have much more to tell you about Pomo and the area which we will be adding here but let me close from now with this...If you're up for a few days of beauty and peace and quiet.you cannot beat Pomo RV Park in Fort Bragg.