A Day in Fort Bragg, California

We are at Pomo RV Park in Fort Bragg, California, located along the Pacific Ocean on the incredible Highway 1.   (Fort Bragg is on one of the few stretches of Highway One up here that is straight, so enjoy it while you can!)    We arrived late afternoon and were immediately impressed by the park-like setting with lots of open space, trees, grass, flowers and bushes.  Each deep, wide space is totally surrounded by greenery and it's the only place I've seen where it's impossible for you to walk through another vacant site to get to yours!  This is our Roadtrek that pulls a 23 foot Terry trailer....

We woke up  to a morning so beautiful, it deserved a theme song!   The crisp air was exhilarating and the sun was shining brilliantly.  You look out your window and you are in the woods.  Sooo perfect!    First things first.   We had breakfast at Eggheads downtown Fort Bragg.  They have a "Wizard Of Oz" theme and are well known for their three kinds of homemade Hollandaise sauce on their Eggs Benedict.  You have you choice of Traditional, Champagne or Tequila Hollandaise.   We had the traditional on our Eggs Benedict and if you're a fan of light and fluffy Hollandaise, you will love it.  We sure did.   I saw the "your table is ready" beepers, so I bet this place hops during the peak seasons.  It has that local feel.

It was a perfect day to visit Glass Beach located just a couple of miles on the other end of town.  You take Hwy 1 north to Elm and take a left.  That's it.   Glass Beach is so loaded with sea glass, that the beach sparkles in the sunshine.   The beach also has some amazing tide pools and dogs are allowed on leash.  Easter, our 15 year old Golden Retriever was with me and while I was looking at the tide pool, his leash slipped out of my hand and he bounded up a few yards leash still attached and bouncing along the rocks.  He sat down next to a family who were posing for a photo!  Luckily they were Golden fans and got a kick that he wanted to join the group.   No harm done...technically, he was still on his leash...lol.

We also visited the Skunk Train.  This time of year, the train runs once a day and takes you to  on a journey up the mountains and into the redwoods.  There is a dining car and the train also stops for a BBQ lunch at Northspur, before heading back to the train station.   Check out their website to see all the different kinds of trips they offer during the year like Father and Mother's Day brunches and the Photographer's Special.   http://www.skunktrain.com   Laurel Deli and Desserts is across from the station.  If you're a train fan, you'll like eating next to an antique train located right there IN the Deli!

By the way, for those more mundane chores that continue even while you're on the road, Pomo has a really nice, new laundry room.  They also totally remodeled the showers and bathrooms using all tile.  They are very lovely.

There is also a great Safeway for groceries just a mile or so north on Hwy 1.  Right now it's full of the sights and smells of the upcoming holidays...pumpkin pies, egg nog and fruit cakes!
Yes, I like fruit cake and I'm not ashamed to say so!  

There's also a Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy and several Hardware stores.  Also, one thing I found out from our server at Eggheads, is that across from them, is one of the country's foremost culinary schools of raw foods!   People come from all over to learn the techniques of preparing food without cooking.   So if you're into that...have fun!

BTW...the Chevron in Fort Bragg on Highway 1 has propane and a dumping station.  Good to know even if you're just passing through and need those things... 

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