Glass Beach is known world wide as being a treasure trove of beautiful sea glass.   Captain Cass, a long time sea glass hunter,  has written a book about three of the beaches in Fort Bragg where the sea glass is most prevalent.  He also has a sea glass museum here in Fort Bragg, where he displays some of his most interesting well as beautiful jewelry using these gems of sea glass.

Why does Fort Bragg have so much sea glass?  According to the captain, the off shore rock formations along the coast here set up wave patterns that keep everything on the beach.  Nothing ever washes away here.  The glass does not wash in and out, it just always stays on the beach.

So where does sea glass come from...   All coastal communities used to dump their garbage in the ocean.   The trash would contain bottles and pottery that were in common use at the time.  Over time the glass broke, tumbled and dissolved to become beautiful, historical gems.  This is a photo I took as I sat on the beach.  Amazing!

Here's Captain Cass at the Sea Glass Museum...a must stop if you are stopping for a night at Pomo RV Park, or just passing through town.     Glass Beach itself is located north of Fort Bragg.  Take a left on Elm Street (Denny's is on the corner) and drive to the end to parking.  Follow the path to the ocean.

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