Here's the thing: When you're located on one of the finest salmon fishing rivers in the world, you're used to only the best king salmon...and when you have the best king salmon, prep it in an all-natural brine  and cold smoke it over red alder, you get the best smoked king salmon. 

I was sitting with Mary on Friday when she was preparing Doug's latest batch of smoked salmon  for the Farmer's Market in Crescent City.

Check out this big bin, filled with beautiful king salmon fresh out of the smoker.  These mini-filets are moist, delicious and soooo tender.  I couldn't resist taking a photo...where else would you ever see anything like this?

Each bag is weighed, carefully hand packed and then vacuum sealed for freshness.

The smaller pieces you see in the baggie above the scale are used in Aaron's special BigFoot Smoked Salmon Spread.   It's a secret cream cheese based recipe and is perfect for holiday parties...wonderful as a cracker spread or chip dip.

To order packaged BigFoot Smoked Salmon:

Tel (707) 482-0227

Toll Free (866) KLAMATH
1661 W. Klamath Beach Rd.
P. O. Box 99
Klamath, California 95548

or E-mail at  ""

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