Just down the road from Kamp Klamath you'll find access to both the river and the ocean.  It is here that the local Yurok tribe has one of its ceremonial grounds.


This is a dance pit.
The "Brush Dance" is a ceremony held to heal a sick child or to pray for a long, healthy life for the child.  Entire families and villages come together.   Preparation for the dance begins on a Wednesday and continues through late Saturday afternoon .  The ceremony begins at sunset Saturday and continues into Sunday morning.   Both men women dance and different Tribes take turns hosting dance rounds. 

An overall belief of the Yurok people is that you go to the dance with a good heart. This means that you attend with only good thoughts and prayers. You leave all of your anger, meanness, and other bad feelings behind.  If you have enemies, you also leave that behind. 

Traditional family homes and sweathouses are made from fallen keehl (redwood trees) which are then cut into redwood boards.

The ceremonial grounds are located within the Redwood National Park and the ceremonies are open to the public. Please respect tribal rules prohibiting photography, alcohol and all forms of narcotics .

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