Cathy at Benbow RV Resort and Golf Course, told us about a great place to eat just around the bend in Garberville.     Calico's is on the main street in Garberville.  It's easy to spot because the front of the building has the Italian flag on it.

When you first walk in, it feels like you've entered a deli, but don't underestimate this place.  The owner, Peter Connolly, was a chef at the historic Benbow Inn for ten years. 

I will start with the fresh, handmade pasta.  (What?!'s true)  Hamilton had Fetticini Alfredo that was to die for topped with sliced chicken breast that had been stuffed with mushrooms.  Light as air and so delicious.  I have to say I was surprised to find this level of food here in this small town.  The garlic bread was light and tasty and the entire meal was served with fresh winter vegetables.  You can also buy the homemade pasta  and bring it home.   Use your own sauce or get it by the quart from Calico's.  They have a number of amazing sauces and pasta types to choose from.

I had chicken fingers.  I think you can tell how good a place really is by it's I have to admit, it was a test.   Again, I was surprised.   The three piece serving I ordered was hand dipped and created fresh.  The breading was light, delicate and seasoned perfectly.  They were so gone before I even remembered to take a photo for you.... Even the french fries were incredible.  I also had a tomato and two cheese salad as an appetizer.   I should have got more of that to go.   

Calico's has a large menu of salads, sandwiches and desserts.   The only problem you'll have is deciding which wonderful thing you'll have...Calico's is one of those comfortable local places where everybody gets to know each other.  They have beer and wine, two floors of tables and friendly service.    Really, if you're passing through on Highway 101, just take the Garberville exit and keep your eyes open for the red, white and green flag.   Tell them RV Dream sent you...

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