It was our pleasure to be able to take a weekend trip to Big Sur with Outdoor Afro creator, Rue Mapp and her family last October.    We wanted to find out all about Rue and her work trying to reconnect African Americans with nature and outdoor recreational activities.    Rue's goal is to create interest in RVing for people of all ages and colors.  She hopes by organizing with regional and national organizations, more people will be able to appreciate and participate in the Great Outdoors. is a great place to start planning your personal adventure.

We had so much fun with the family starring her children, Seth, Arwen and Billy...   The family traveled in a 25 foot Class B RV from El Monte RV and we met them at the Big Sur Campgrounds, deep in the heart of the redwoods.   We connected just in time to start a fire and indulge in some S'mores.    The kids all burned their marshmallows to varying degrees and created their masterpieces.  Arwen called her creation a Volcano because the melty marshmallow would erupt through it's black crust and run down the sides of her chocolate mountain. was that good...

The next day was spent tubing down the Big Sur River.  Our kids are all grown and it was so great to see the joy on their young faces as they tubed down the river again and again and again until their little lips turned purple.   We checked out the big campground, it's playground facilities and then took a hike to the River Inn where you can order lunch and sit on various chairs and benches in the river with the cool water flowing between your toes.

Would your kids like RVing?  You bet they would...check out our video of Arwen as she's eating her S'more around the campfire.  Also look at the slideshow below so you can see the
camp ground and its beauty and meet some of the  people we met. 


Since our visit Rue has taken a cue from the "Occupy" movement, Rue's banner reads, "Occupy Nature"  ...saying, "Through Outdoor Afro, it is my goal to help generate a future where people of every hue know that not only public plazas, but also parks and wild spaces are their inheritance, and theirs to benefit from and support."

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