4G is 10 times faster than 3G...it's incredible...when it works.  Verizon Wireless is the leader and they are still in "Shake-out" mode.  There are times when it cuts out and the tries to downgrade to 3G, but has problems at times and you are faced with no bandwidth at all.  One of our new tools is the Droid Bionic and I had that trouble so much that I started to take it back to the store and go back to the old Droid.  But, Tony at the local Verizon Wireless store showed me a trick and it really works.  When you know you're in a 3G only area go to setttings, then "Wireless and Networks", then "Mobile Networks" and Nettwork Mode. Then, set your phone to "CDMA only." That's 3G.  The other thing Tony told me which I believe is that 4G takes more battery life, so there's another reason to keep your phone on 3G when you're not using 4G.
I love the Bionic, by the way.  We'll be telling you more about that Motorola phone on RV Dream New Radio in the coming days.


Bob Hamilton
RV Dream New Radio
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