The 17 Mile Drive is certainly something you should take while you are visiting the Monterey Peninsula.  There are five entrance gates, however the one easiest to access from the Laguna Seca RV Park, is the Highway 1 Gate located on the intersection of Highway 1 and Highway 68 going west.  

(There's a slide show below of my favorite 17 Mile Drive photos)

There is a $9.50 fee to enter Pebble Beach.    An attendant will greet you at each of the gates,  give you a map and answer any questions you may have.      The roads are narrowish and lots of trees etc., so I would suggest using your tow vehicle here.  We didn't have any trouble with our Roadtrek and there are some tour buses that take the main roads, so it is possible to bring your rig, but I wouldn't suggest it. was foggy on the coast the we went, but don't let that stop you...sometimes it makes the drive even more beautiful.  Fog is big here and the trees on the coast thrive on it, so roll with the flow and if it's foggy, chances are the sun will break through by late afternoon.

The Pebble Beach/Del Monte Forest is home to 5 public golf courses and 1 private golf course, the luxury resorts of Pebble Beach and Spanish Bay, and their restaurants, as well as miles of beaches and beautiful ocean views.    For golf fans, this is like a trip to Mecca as Pebble Beach hosts the annual AT&T Pro Am golf tournament the first week in February and the U.S. Open every 10 years.

There is also an Equestrian Center with guided horseback trail rides, riding lessons and major west coast equestrian events.

There are a number of places to picnic or pull over and just enjoy the view along the road that runs by the ocean.    Bird Rock and Seal Rock are two of my favorite.    Another stunning view is  "The Lone Cypress." It is truly a creation of beauty by nature that has flourished for the last 250 years.  The tree and it's perch on a rock has been copyrighted by the Pebble Beach Company and used as their logo.  (Can you really do that?)   They warn you that you can take photos for your personal use, but you better not use them commercially or they will send their lawyers to pay you a visit.   (Hey, I think I'll copyright the moon!)

Take a right on Highway 68 as you exit Laguna Seca RV Park.  Follow to Highway 1 going south toward Big Sur.   Head south and take the Pebble Beach exit.  At the light, continue straight ahead, cross 68 and the PB gate will be on your right.

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