Fabbri Home and Garden
501 San Mateo Road, Highway 92 (Spanish Town)
Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

Open 7 days a week

You can't miss this place if you are coming to Half Moon Bay via Highway 92 because of all the dinosaurs in front of their gardens!   Giant 19 foot T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops along with a Wooly Mamoth and giraffes greet you as you drive along.   The creatures, including flying dragons,  come in three different sizes, so you'll see them scattered throughout the gardens as well.   Everyone stops to take pictures.   Ryan, one of the owners, says they sell on average three of these giant sculptures a year....all I can say is somebody has a great back yard!

While the dinos are the first to catch your attention, they are just the welcome committee to the garden displays.  The myriad of fountains and the initimate scenes of plant and sculpture that are created throughout the garden showcase is what makes this place so magical. 

Ryan says that he has a number of regular folks who come walk through the garden just for the peaceful relaxation.

The fountains in the garden are all available for sale, of course, and can be ordered in any color to fit your home or garden decor.  Of course, they ship if any piece you are interested in, should it not fit in your RV.  

I know that once you get to Pillar Point RV, it's hard to leave.  There's no better place to kick back, enjoy the ocean views, watch the birds and people watch.  But, if you do happen to want to move out of that comfy beach chair, this is a fun, close place to visit.

From Pillar Point RV, take a right on Highway 1.  Go approximately 3 miles and take a left on Highway 92.   The dinosaurs are on the right and if you miss them, you shouldn't be driving!

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