In our opinion, there's really only one choice for breakfast....
3 Zero Cafe

The 3 Zero Cafe is hidden in plain sight at the Half Moon Bay Airport right off of Highway 1 just a mile or so north of Pillar Point RV Park.

Now if you ask owner Mark Smith what 3 Zero stands for, he'll slap you on the back with a laugh and tell you it stands for him and his two ex-wives...   but then he'll let you know 3 zero is aviator talk for a compass setting of 300...which is where one wants to be in order to take off .             

Mark is a pilot and his love for flying is evident all over the restaurant.   The walls are dedicated to everything and anything related to flying including model airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

Locals with a rich history of aviation gather here and swap stories, families come because the food is delicious.  The menu is varied, sophisticated and reasonably priced.   The service is quick and very friendly.   You become part of the family the moment you walk in.

Besides  bacon and eggs, they offer Eggs Benedict in several different ways, including Crab Cake Benedict.  There are bacon stuffed waffles and an array of fritattas and scrambles that feature locally produced vegetables.    Another of their specialties is the Brioche French Toast with fresh fruit and fruit compote.   There is also a whole array of lunch and vegetarian choices as well.

There is outdoor seating on nice days and you'll be eye level with the airplanes on the runway!  So cool! 

I don't care if you did bring enough food supplies in your RV to feed the entire neighborhood, you need to take a moment and check out 3 Zero.

Be sure to say hello to Mark, and ask him to tell you his stories of flying and life on the coast.   As he is fond of saying, "I'm usually here kissing babies, shaking hands, flipping pancakes, flying planes and flirting with the girls.”

3 Zero Cafe
9850 Cabrillo Highway N. (Hwy 1)
Half Moon Bay, CA  94019

Mon-Fri, 8am-2pm
Sat-Sun, 7am-3pm

They accept Cash, Debit Card, MasterCard, Visa
They don't take reservations.

Also:  For a lovely dinner, check out Mark's other restaurant, The Flying Fish, located in downtown Half Moon Bay.  

Here is our RV Dream New Radio conversation with Mark Smith

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