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This week we met a delightful young family who had just bought a brand new 29 foot RV and were taking it out for their first weekend ever!   The mom said she really didn't know what she should bring and there was nowhere on the internet that she could find any suggestions.   So, Allison, I write this for you and all the other new RVers out there who are in or will be or hope to be in your shoes some day.

The first thing you have to remember is that unlike packing a suitcase, you have this "second home" where things can stay.  You don't have to pack and unpack for every trip, especially if you go out on weekends regularly.    Get the basics in your RV and you won't have to worry about rushing at the last minute.  Here's my list and for you more experienced RV'ers out there, please feel free to add your ideas...

Don't hesitate to bring your computer along.  You may be trying to get away from work or whatever, but have one available for emergencies or to go online with rvdream.com to research your next destination!

cell phone
cell phone charger
DVD player/movies

Plates - paper or plastic
cereal bowls - paper or plastic
Coffee cups/plastic drinking glasses
A sharp knife or two
cutting board
garbage bags
can opener
plastic mixing/serving bowls
fry pan/one moderate size covered pot depending on the # of people in family
wine opener
paper towels
kitchen towels
dish detergent
dish rack
measuring cups
measuring spoons
All surface windex for glass, counters, messes on the floor etc.
Propane BBQ grill
small propane bottles (or whatever size your grill requires)
We also travel with a crock pot...dinner can cook while you're at the pool!

Salt and Pepper
Steak sauce

Of course, you will need the specific items that are required by the meals you are planning to serve.   ALSO, you may not need, want, or have the room to carry regular sizes of everything you want.  You know those packets of mustard, ketchup, mayo and relish you can find at fast food places, well you can buy those and everything else you can possibly think of at
http://www.minimus.biz/   You'll find laundry detergent, to parmesan cheese...baby food to coffee...

Our daughter Honey gave us a whole box of different things as a gift.  I bought a couple of cute plastic slide out drawers that fit in a small cupboard and organized them that way.  It frees up space in the refrigerator and you can have a wider variety of items.   You can order as many packets as you want, for pennies.   

Shower/pool towels
Scrubbing Bubbles
RV tank deodorizers
Clorox toilet bowl scrubber with disposable pads
"septic safe" toilet paper
body wash/wash cloth or other
tooth brushes
tooth paste
razor/shaving cream
bug spray/anti itch cream or spray
Ambisol for a sore tooth
band aids
burn cream
antiseptic wipes
motion sickness pills
hand cream or some kind of lotion
Pepto Bismol for upset stomach
Aloe Vera for a sunburn
eye drops
Any specific medications you are currently taking on a daily basis

Travel prescriptions.  Your doctor can give you a travel prescription in case you stay out longer than expected and need to refill any of your medications.  Most everywhere has a drugstore if not a Target or Walmart that can get you a refill.

Costco also has some really great FIRST AID KITS that come with everything you need for minor incidents.   Well worth the effort to get one.  Everything you need right there.

Laundry detergent
softner sheets
spot remover
dirty clothes hamper

deck of cards
extra batteries
rubber bands
a roll of doggie poop bags
twist ties
Flash light
scotch and/or packing tape
hair binders
pad of paper
map (in case your GPS fails or has a problem connecting)
safety pins
extention cords

Extra set of sheets
extra blankets (depending on the time of year)

Duct tape
work gloves (lots of sharp edges on your rig)
disposable rubber gloves for dumping
Extra fuses
water pressure regulator
wheel chocks/jacks/wood or plastic leveling pieces
extra hose
Tire pressure gauge – a good accurate and dependable one
screw drivers (phillips and flathead in a couple of sizes)
tire changing tools
A few jugs of motor oil, engine coolant, and windshield washer fluid
A few common screws and nuts and bolts can also be lifesavers.
jumper cables
Needle-Nose Pliers
Extra length of connectable dump hose in case the dump is further away than your
regular dump hose

Emergency cards for health insurance/vehicle insurance/Identification
Good Sam card
A tarp (if you have space)
leash for your dog
patio mat/welcome mat
Baskets, boxes and bins for organizing cabinets, closets and exterior basement storage
shelf/drawer liners
Board games
lawn chairs
Electric space heater (saves propane but turn off when you sleep)
outdoor lights for your awning
Hand held pump spray bottle with a 20% bleach/water solution. You need to sanitize the water connection at your campsite before you hook up your water hose.
file folder for warranty papers, repair receipts and records
Folding outdoor table (not every park provides picnic tables)
table lantern
umbrella/plastic disposable rain ponchos
A good book/Kindle

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