A first time RVer asks:

We parked at a friends house this weekend, but now we are driving home and unsure about where to dump!! What do you do when you are not at a park with dump facilities??
We are driving home and the smell in the toilet is terrible!! Maybe you are not supposed to drive w stuff in your black tank...?

Good question!   We went through the same thing when we started RVing...

There is a deodorizer you put in the tank after every time you dump. WalMart or Camping World, whichever is closer usually carries them.  The one I find works best is at WalMart and is called Campa-Chem by Thetford.  They are all natural, biodegradable and formaldehyde free.  They control odor very well and smell like lavendar.  They come in pre-measured little purple packets.   I think it's less than $10 for a dozen.  Put one in after you are finished dumping run some water into the tank to activate the packet and that will hold you until next dump.   There are a number of products available and you may find one you like better than the other.

My little tip is when you are driving, is to put some water in the toilet, and drop in one of the
purple packets.   It keeps the toilet smelling good, but if someone goes to the bathroom, it's ok too because it will go down into the tank to stop the odor there.   I just always keep a little water in the  toilet to try to stop the gases from coming up but not so much it splashes all over the bathroom floor as you travel down the road.

You should be able to stop by any RV park or state park that has camping and pay a
fee to dump....anywhere from $5 to $10 usually.    Most Pilot gas stations have a dump.  Also on RVDream.com, on the left side is a category called  "Dump"...it lists all the places where you can dump.  Just click on your state and take it from there.

Along the highway you will see the blue signs that indicate rv camping...If they have a public dump, there will be a solid line going from the trailer icon into the ground.   That way you know for sure they have a dump station.

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