Duraflame has come out with a new product called Campfire Roasting Logs. They are  formulated with charcoal and tested for safe cooking.  So, this new formula makes the logs ideal for roasting foods, such as marshmallows or hot dogs, over an open fire.

The Campfire Roasting Logs are a cleaner burning alternative to a traditional outdoor wood fire. The logs produce 60% less particulate emissions than an equivalent wood fire in a fire pit. And, a robust fire can be built using 75% less resources than using firewood for a similar duration, while producing more heat per pound.

Recycled sawdust, renewable bio-wax and real wood charcoal make up the 100% renewable roasting logs.


More than 44 million Americans participate annually in camping, according to The Outdoor Foundation’s “Special Report on Camping.”  Research found that 99% of campers build a campfire and 91% roast over an open fire.


Duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs are available at select Walmart, Kmart and Kroger stores nationally, as well as retailers throughout the U.S.  A box that will build one large fire costs about $6.00

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