Almost a half hour from Vineyard RV Park is Vallejo, California, home to
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. 

This is not your usual theme park and I'll tell you why...

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is Northern California's only combined marine life, wildlife and wild rides theme park...

1.  Clean with lots of shade and places to sit down (my priority, but maybe not yours)
Lots of available large, clean restrooms.

2.  Outrageous rollercoasters

3.  Superman.  This one-of-a-kind super launch coaster features the tallest inversion west of the Mississippi and will rank alongside the tallest coaster inversions in the world. At 150 feet high, riders will experience lightning speeds of 62 miles per hour, with two upside-down twists and two vertical rolls over a track length of 863 feet.  Superman is due to open Spring 2012.

4.  Live animals
-There are exhibits with Tigers, Penguins, alligators, birds, sting rays, sharks, a killer whale elephants and dolphins

5.  Swim With The Dolphins
It's best to go online and make your reservations ahead of time to make sure you get to experience your adventure.

6.  Terrific kid rides and places for water play

7.  Lots of shows!  There are 11 different stages for daily performances

8.  Meet and greet with Looney Tune characters

9.  Good Food
With names like Cold Stone, Johnny Rockets, Panda Express, Ben & Jerry's, Primo Pizza, California Crepes and more, you'll appreciate the quality of food served.

10 Easy to get to from Vineyard RV Park.  Trams run from the parking lot to front gate every several minutes.

Take a right onto Midway Road as you exit Vineyard RV Park.   Pass under the bridge
and take a left onto I-505 South.   Stay in the left lane and take the I-80 exit toward
San Francisco.   Take the Hwy 37 exit toward Novato and follow the signs to Discovery Kingdom.  Be ready, because as you come around the corner the rollercoasters will suddenly appear and it's a great sight to see!

*Lots of parking with trams running every few minutes to the entrance area.

Check out the park's special offers for the day here:

Here's their map and list of rides, shopping, dining and shows etc.

Check the calendar to see what time the park is open today...
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