The Klamath is one of the most important rivers for fish migration on the west coast of North America south of the Columbia River.  The river is considered a prime habitat for Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.

Beginning in late summer, great migrations of King Salmon (Chinook) make their way up the Klamath River back to their place of origin to lay their own eggs to complete the circle of life.    (Prime Fishing August to October)

Steelhead trout also move upriver in the Fall just after Salmon to spawn.  In the spring they make their way back down river to the Pacific.  (Prime Fishing September to March)

If you're looking for red tail perch, head down the to the beach where the river meets the ocean.   Cast off on the ocean side and you'll catch your limit in no time during the spring and early summer.  The average size of redtail perch is 1.8 pounds, although 3 pound fish are not uncommon.  Use light tackle, 20 lb test line, 6 to 80 ounce sinkers with No. 406 hooks and crab backs or worms for bait is  best. - Fishing reports - Callifornia Dept of Fish and Game - Weather information

Kamp Klamath has its own resident fishing guide, Steve Huber!

Here's how you get in touch with Steve Huber...
Coast Guard Licensed, Bonded and Insured
P.O. Box 539
Douglas City, CA  96024
1-530-623-1918 (reservations)

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