20264 Broadway
Sonoma, CA 95476   
(707) 938-3912

 Today, we headed to Sonoma!   Just as we were coming into Sonoma on Hwy 121, we passed a charming little place called "Train Town".    It's like a little amusement park, complete with train rides, a ferris wheel, merry-go-round, a rollercoaster and the scrambler, among others, all for little kids.  Parents can ride too, but the average age of the child we saw today was five.   It's great.  No big kids running over them, no rides that they can't hop on. 

Train Town features a quarter scale railroad on 4 miles of track. Each train trip lasts 20-minutes and goes through tunnels, over bridges and makes a stop in Lakeview, their miniature town and petting zoo.

General admission and parking are free of charge.
Train ride tickets at $5.75/person
Amusement ride coupons $2.75 each
Hours of operation vary depending on the time of year
call or check the website here:!hours


Stay in the left lane and take the San Franciso exit on I-80
Take the Hwy 12 exit marked Napa/Sonoma
Take 121 to Sonoma
Train Town is just one mile south of Sonoma's Town Square on your right.
There are a lot of signs as you get on 12, so you won't have any problems.
Some narrow roads and as of June 2012, road work to widen to two lanes each way.
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