While there are a whole host of wonderful restaurants, many within walking distance of Pillar Point RV Park, there's nothing like throwing fresh fish, caught that day, on the grill.

Getting your hands on a fresh fish is easy here and there's several ways you can do it.

1.  Go out on the jetty to catch one OR use the Boat launch a block away to take out your own boat.  It's only $13 to launch.  Self serve.

2.  Book a charter that will take you out for the day
    Queen of Hearts  http://www.fishingboat.com/

3.  Check out what the fisherman in the harbor are selling

4.  Go to the Princeton Fish Market right by the pier

Ok, so....  Pillar Point Harbor is a true working fishing harbor.    That means at any given time, you'll find whatever seafood is in season.    Crab, salmon, rockfish, cod...and more.   Last week, two boats brought in over 220,000 pounds of squid!   Amazing to see.  The majority were immediately frozen and sent to various food processing companies.

The harbor is two blocks from Pillar Point RV Park and you just follow the bike path north.  At the beginning of the pier, the harbor master has a white board that usually lists the dock and boat number of those selling their catch of the day.    Not all offerings are listed all the time, so take some time and walk down the pier.  At the head of the docks, there's usually another white board with information of whose selling what.   And if nothing else, call down to the boats closest to you and ask if they have anything.  

We've gotten both crab and salmon off the boats and there's nothing quite like it.  One thing is that the fisherman usually won't fillet the fish.  You have to buy it whole.    At that point, you can do one of two things:

A.  Halfway between Pillar Point RV Park and the Pier is a boat landing.  They have a really nice fish cleaning set up there...stainless steel with running water.  It gets used a lot.  Be aware that once you start cleaning your fish you will be joined by pelicans and seagulls looking for your throw away parts.  It's definitely a show, so don't forget your video camera.

B.  The other thing you can do is walk over to the Princeton Fish Market.   They are located at the mouth of the the pier.  They will, for a price, clean your crab or fish so you can take it home ready to cook. 

Which brings me to #4 on our list.   Princeton Fish Market also sells fresh fish, shrimp and crab in season.   You can buy a fillet there or a whole fresh fish caught that day.  They actually even have live fish for sale.   They are also have a restaurant.  It's the one with the fisherman statue in front wearing a yellow rain slicker and hat. 

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