Everyone knows that there are names for groups of animals, a pride of lions, a raft of otters, or a bed of oysters etc.    So I got to thinking one day and wondered what do you call groups of people all engaged in a specific activity?

Example: When I drove along Highway One along the California coast yesterday from Santa Cruz to Half Moon Bay, I passed a beach where there were 20 kite surfers catching the wind and speeding across the surface of the ocean.  It was an amazing and breathtaking sight with all the kites dancing in the air and the white water trails of the boards below.    When I returned to Pillar Point RV Park, I wanted to tell people what I had seen and how cool it was to see so many people all doing the same thing.  I could say..there were a ton of people out windsurfing, or a whole bunch or even hey! there were TWENTY windsurfers out there....   

Instead, I spent the rest of the drive home trying to come up with a name for what you would call a group of people all doing the same thing.    Here's what I came up with and I would love if you would add or suggest other names for groups of people engaged in an activity....

A string of kite surfers.  (I also like "a dance of kite surfers")
A party of RVers
A blaze of campers
A gust of windsurfers
A paddle of kayakers
A grill of BBQers
A wave of surfers
A feather of birdwatchers
A school of fishermen
A market of farmers
A pedal of bicyclists
A trick of skateboarders
A Ruff of dog owners
A chatter of talkers
A head of beer drinkers
A wing of pilots
A wall of rock climbers
A blade of ice skaters
A symphony of music lovers
A study of students

What about people who:
water ski
play video games
computer programmers
sun bathers
people texting

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